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Have a Good Dog

Pet Dog Training & Behaviour

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Does your dog pull on the lead, jump up at people, not come back when called? If you have answered yes to any of these, then Have a Good Dog can help you with these issues and more! Our training is for people who want to teach their dog how to behave and be comfortable with everyday situations. Our dog training venues are close to town centres enabling you to practice your handling skills indoors and outdoors around a wide range of distractions.

Our aim is to teach you to understand your dog's behaviour, and by using our training methods, you will have a happy and enjoyable relationship with your pet. Have a Good Dog training is based on a sound understanding of learning theory.

We offer dog training classes in Durham and Tyne and Wear, and as it is vital we ensure you and your dog are receiving not just the right training, but in an environment you are both happy with, we also offer one to one training. This is ideal if your needs are more specific. As one to one training is carried out in your home it's useful if you find it difficult getting to our class venues.

If you want to get advice on getting a new puppy then please read our top tips. If your puppy is not yet fully vaccinated but you want to give them the best start in life, then you may wish to book a puppy orientation session.

Dogs can also exhibit behaviour problems that require further investigation. Some behaviour problems we can assist with via a consultation include:

Aggression towards people or other dogs
Separation Anxiety
Fearful Behaviour
Compulsive Disorders


Customer Testimonials

" I would highly recommend the Little Learners course to anyone with a puppy. Expert tuition, encouraging, supportive and friendly atmosphere."
Marie & Sophie


" I found the course invaluable. Vicky's patience helped my dog to progress so much over the six weeks. I found the handouts very helpful and interesting. I would recommend Have a Good Dog to anyone. Actually I already have!"
Mandy & Skye


" We really enjoyed the last seven weeks coming to the classes, listening to Vicky, and learning about puppy training. Molly also enjoyed coming to class, meeting and socialising with other puppies."
Maureen, Dennis & Molly


" The course and trainer were very good, we enjoyed the class - everything taught was at a good level."
Michael, Letitia & Chief


" The training exercises -simple-logical-precise- and they work."
Ann & Luca


" We found the course enjoyable, gave us confidence and the skills to develop an ongoing partnership with Archie."
Mr & Mrs Hansford & Archie


" Fun and instructive without being too intense."
Ann & David McNaught & Penny


" It was a good, well balanced course that helped us as a family to understand Daisy & start to train her."
Paul, Christine, Emily and James Roberts & Daisy


" The size of the class was good. Six dogs is enough, so that the trainer is able to supervise well. It was exhausting but rewarding-it set in place groundwork for the future. Will definitely want to continue training. Brilliant!"
Beryl, Theo & Louis


" We all thoroughly enjoyed the course-it was great fun for dogs and humans. The classes were relaxed and a safe environment to learn from mistakes!"
Ian, Sally & Barney


" We really enjoyed the whole experience and Bryn enjoyed socialisation with other dogs - Carry on Great Work!"
Mary and Michael Hall & Bryn


" We enjoyed the course very much and found it most beneficial."
Alan Davison & Skye


" A very useful course. Trainers very helpful. Will definitely continue with next stage."


" Really enjoyed ourselves. Can't believe it's over so soon. Thanks."
Karen & Chloe


" Thought the training was fab & Vicky nice and easy to listen to. Look forward to doing more in the future."
Gemma & Winston


" Lovely, friendly group of people and good variety of dogs."


"Fantastic handouts, friendly atmosphere, value for money."


" Found it of great interest and Mac enjoyed it as much as myself."
Julie & Mac


" Overall Excellent. Learnt loads and Riley really enjoyed it.
Steve & Riley


" I have gained confidence in teaching my dog. My expectations grow with every passing week. What we were taught actually does work! Practice is the key word"

Nita & Eddie


" We all enjoyed the course and think it should be a must for all new puppy owners! We're sad it's over"
James, Kristen & Darwin


" The course was excellent and this was due to Vicky and Dave, as I felt relaxed from the beginning. Storm is a better behaved puppy and I am a better behaved owner. Thank You."
Jill & Storm


" You guys are great! It's been a pleasure."
Sandra & Trick


" Great to have the facility to e-mail any questions. Professional well structured course."
John, Jacqui & Molly


" Fab course. I Loved it. Meeting all the other dogs."
Karon & Jake


" We enjoyed every lesson and the friendly atmosphere."
Maureen, Barry & Oscar


" We think the opportunity to be around other dogs was important in addition to the training tips"


" So looking forward to the ('Puppy Power') workshop, and was not disappointed. I'm sure Sky enjoyed it and got a lot out of it!"


" Really great opportunity to work with our own pup in ('Puppy Power) and interact with other dogs and their owners - Thank You!"

Graham & Bailey

" Very informative (Puppy Power)"


" We enjoyed the Puppy Power workshop, and hope the notes will help us continue with Millie's progress"


" Very enjoyable and informative (Puppy Power)"

Craig and Oscar 

" Very interesting and educational on behaviour of dogs (Puppy Power)"





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